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Carlos Alcaraz Wants to Resist Pressure to Defend US Open Title

<p>As he started the defense of his US Open championship on Tuesday with a quick victory over ailing German opponent Dominik Koepfer, Carlos Alcaraz said that defending the title was not on his mind.</p>
<p>The 75th-ranked Koepfer withdrew from the match due to an ankle injury as the world number one, who was up 6-2, 3-2 under the lights at Arthur Ashe Stadium, advanced to the second round.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-153170″ src=”” alt=” jan ashirward yatras to be launched by bjp chief and union ministers in mp with elections coming up download 2023 08 30t153313.021″ width=”1321″ height=”879″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1321px) 100vw, 1321px” title=”Carlos Alcaraz Wants to Resist Pressure to Defend US Open Title 6″></p>
<p>Alcaraz remarked, “I have to say on my side I was playing great, but I have to say it’s not the best way to get through to another round.”</p>
<p>“I got off to a good start. really paying attention. Sincerily, I didn’t anticipate playing at such a high level in the first round of the US Open.</p>
<p>“Even if Domi had to quit, I am very, very delighted with the level. I must evaluate myself and try to maintain that level into the next round.</p>
<p>For the first time ever, Alcaraz entered a Grand Slam as the defending champion, but the 20-year-old made an effort to minimize the importance of being the opponent to beat in New York.</p>
<p>“I was eager to compete in the US Open’s opening round. After such a successful run the previous year, it was exciting to return to the Arthur Ashe tournament court. I was eager to return,” he stated.</p>
<p>“I’m not considering retaining the championship. I wasn’t considering the fact that I had won the previous year. I just attempt to play at the highest level possible while maintaining my performance from the previous year.</p>
<p>“That’s the only thing I can think of at the moment. I make an effort to ignore the pressure that the defending champion causes me.</p>
<p>– Koepfer’s fate is threatening –</p>
<p>When Koepfer injured his left ankle in the first game of the match and needed a medical break, his night was essentially cut short.</p>
<p>He battled bravely for an hour before giving up since he didn’t want to make the injuries worse.</p>
<p>“Playing against Carlos for the first time while on Ashe. The biggest tennis match I’ve likely ever played, according to Koepfer.</p>
<p>“Up to the end of the first game, it’s by far the coolest experience I’ve experienced. Even if it didn’t last long, you still want to savor the moments, and I wanted to give it my all.</p>
<p>“I cannot claim that I did not try. Even after I taped it and took medicines, the agony just became worse. There’s no use sabotaging the remainder of the year.</p>
<p>Alcaraz will compete against powerful South African Lloyd Harris to get to the round of 32.</p>
<p>After the US Open, he would give Djokovic the top place, although he confessed he was anxious to regain it before the season was through.</p>
<p>“Well, to be honest, it’s a goal for me right now. I’ve already indicated that Novak and I are engaged in an excellent competition for the top spot, Alcaraz added.</p>
<p>“I was aware that he would regain the No. 1 ranking after the US Open. I’ll work to get well as soon as the competition is ended. That is my aim. To get there, I’m working.</p>
<p>“There are several competitions throughout the season till the year is finished. Before the year is out, I’ll attempt to get it back.</p>

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