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Popular Tamil actor and Jailer Star G Marimuthu passes away at age 58 after a heart attack

<p>On Friday, September 8, renowned Tamil actor and director G Marimuthu died away at the age of 58. The actor, who was most recently seen in Rajinikanth’s film Jailer, passed away around 8.30 am after collapsing while working on the dubbing for his television program, “Ethirneechal.”<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-167915″ src=”” alt=” death from a rare disorder befalls a new zealand woman accused of faking illness m” width=”1435″ height=”807″ srcset=” 690w,×220.jpg 390w,×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1435px) 100vw, 1435px” title=”Popular Tamil actor and Jailer Star G Marimuthu passes away at age 58 after a heart attack 12″></p>
<p>The actor was transported to a local hospital where doctors pronounced him dead. With his performances in “Jailer” and “Red Sandal Wood,” Marimuthu became a YouTube celebrity. The Tamil cinema industry is in shock as a result of his unexpected demise. His wife and two kids have survived him.</p>
<p>On X, previously known as Twitter, Sun Pictures, the studio behind Jailer, posted condolences for the actor-director’s passing. Sun Pictures’ official account posted a picture of Marimuthu and wrote: “Condolences! Your work has been flawless and unique. Peace be upon you, #Marimuthu.</p>
<p>Meanwhile, one of the most popular Tamil TV series is Marimuthu’s Ethirneechal. The program, which was directed by Thiruselvam, attempts to raise awareness of how society oppresses women and how it leads to their empowerment. Adi Gunasekaran, the series’ title character, was portrayed by Marimuthu.</p>
<p>After this serial, Marimuthu developed a sizable fan following, which led to a wealth of new cinema prospects for him. Recently, Marimuthu and the Ethirneechal actresses produced a captivating clip with lyrics from Jailer that went viral on social media.</p>
<p>Unquestionably, G Marimuthu was one of the most gifted performers working in Tamil cinema. His directing career started with the 2008 movie Kannum Kannum, and he then took on additional roles, such as Pulivaal in 2014, all the while developing a name for himself as an actor in supporting parts.</p>
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