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A reliable indoor party companion: the Sony SRS-XV800 Wireless Party Speaker review

<p>The Sony SRS-XV800 party speaker, the newest audio masterpiece from the famous Japanese electronics company Sony, was just released in the Indian market. A TV Sound Booster, smooth Bluetooth connection, immersive Omni-directional Party Sound, an IPX4 certification, and many more exciting features are all included in this audio jewel. Let’s examine this remarkable device in detail and examine its performance, value, and design.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-172284″ src=”” alt=” a reliable indoor party companion the sony srs xv800 wireless party speaker review” width=”1313″ height=”874″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1313px) 100vw, 1313px” title=”A reliable indoor party companion: the Sony SRS-XV800 Wireless Party Speaker review 3″></p>
<p>Speaker Sony SRS-XV800: Price and Design</p>
<p>In India, the Sony SRS-XV800 speaker is available for Rs 49,990. Here is our in-depth evaluation of this speaker, which we had the pleasure of testing for about a month. The Sony SRS-XV800 checks all the boxes that would capture the curiosity of prospective purchasers, from its svelte appearance to its outstanding performance.</p>
<p>Stylish and Robust Design</p>
<p>The SRS-XV800 not only has an eye-catching appearance but also produces loud, clear, and excellent sound. It is thus the perfect option for those special home gatherings. Additionally, its IPX4 water resistance guarantees that you may continue listening to music even in light rain.</p>
<p>A Solid Structure</p>
<p>It’s crucial to remember that this speaker weighs 20 kg, which makes them on the heavier side. With its strong presence in your entertainment setup and dimensions of 32x70x38cm.</p>
<p>Easy-to-use controls</p>
<p>The device’s top panel has controls that are simple to operate. You can easily use these settings to pair the speaker with your smartphone or laptop through Bluetooth, adjust the volume, and fine-tune the bass levels.</p>
<p>Multipurpose Connectivity</p>
<p>When you look at the device’s back, you’ll see a discrete panel that is protected by a rubber flap. You have access to a variety of sophisticated input and output choices here. There is also a Mic Input, a Guitar Input, a Stereo Mini Jack (IN), a handy USB connection for charging, and more.</p>
<p>Lightweight and portability</p>
<p>The mobility of the SRS-XV800 speaker was considered during design. It has little wheels and handles that make it very simple to maneuver about a room. However, it’s important to keep in mind that moving it between levels might be difficult, particularly without an elevator.</p>
<p>Dynamic lighting elements on the speaker further improve its looks, making it a great option for organizing events. This speaker offers outstanding music quality and a bevy of functions to play with, whether you’re relaxing alone or having a party with friends and family.</p>
<p>Speaker: Sony SRS-XV800 Performance</p>
<p>Let’s now examine the salient characteristics and performance facets that distinguish the Sony SRS-XV800 from its rivals.</p>
<p>Immerse Yourself in Party Sound from All Directions</p>
<p>The SRS-XV800’s Omni-directional Party Sound function is one of its best qualities. This technology makes sure that sound fills every space in the room, immersing your visitors in a unique aural experience. Deep bass, less distortion, and crystal-clear voices are all delivered by the speaker’s distinctive rectangular diaphragm, which is engineered to enhance sound quality. The bass is still powerful and the voices are still crystal clear even at maximum volume.</p>
<p>Five tweeters provide clarity in the sound</p>
<p>The SRS-XV800 has five tweeters instead of just one or two, so you can experience clear high-frequency sound from any angle. This speaker’s remarkable range will capture your aural senses whether you’re bopping to the beats of AP Dillion, Post Malone, Subh, or Avicii.</p>
<p>TV Sound Booster Will Improve Your Entertainment</p>
<p>Use the TV Sound Booster tool to improve your experience viewing TV shows and movies. Your enjoyment will be taken to new heights by combining the sound from your TV with the two rear tweeters of the speaker to create an immersive audio experience.</p>
<p>Control with ease with the Fiestable App</p>
<p>Sony offers the Fiestable app to enhance your experience even further. You must first download the Sony Music Center app from the app store in order to utilize it. You have full control over your speaker after you’ve loaded the app. From your smartphone or even with simple voice commands, you can modify lighting effects, audio settings, and more. The software is popular during gatherings since it also enables you to make playlists and ask others to add their favorite music. Because the Fiestable app works with both iOS and Android smartphones, everyone can take part in the excitement.</p>
<p>Exceptional Battery Life to Continue the Party</p>
<p>The SRS-XV800 is a clear winner in terms of battery life. On a single charge, it claims a mind-blowing 25 hours of playing duration. With daily use often averaging approximately four hours, this speaker has a battery life of easily three days or more. Additionally, a simple 10-minute charge gives you an extra four hours of music playing if you find it running short on juice. The SRS-XV800 won’t abandon you even during those legendary late-night parties thanks to its function.</p>
<p>Conclusion for the Sony SRS-XV800 Wireless Party Speaker</p>
<p>The Sony SRS-XV800 Wireless Party Speaker is a good option for indoor events and parties, to sum up. It has excellent battery life, loud, clear sound, and water resistant. One exceptional feature that significantly increases its adaptability is the smooth multi-device communication. But it’s important to remember how heavy it is and how difficult it would be to move it by yourself between various levels. Overall, it provides outstanding sound quality and long-lasting battery performance, making it a nearly ideal partner for indoor events.</p>
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