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Dynamo Electric Releases A Range Of Affordably Priced E-Scooters, Starting At Rs 55,000 for the EV India Expo 2023

<p>The EV India Expo 2023 was held at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, and it served as the official launch event for Dynamo Electric’s newest range of electric scooters for the Indian market. Six new models have been introduced by the company: Infinity, Alpha, Smiley, Rx1, Rx4, and Vx1. High-speed models include the Rx1 and Rx4, while low-speed models include Infinity, Alpha, Smiley, and Vx1. The e-scooters made by Dynamo Electric are created at the company’s Ghaziabad and Mumbai production facilities.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-185998″ src=”” alt=” download 2023 09 16t180705.940″ width=”1135″ height=”850″ srcset=” 259w,×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1135px) 100vw, 1135px” title=”Dynamo Electric Releases A Range Of Affordably Priced E-Scooters, Starting At Rs 55,000 for the EV India Expo 2023 9″></p>
<p>Rx1 and Rx4 for Dynamo<br />
The RX1 and RX4 are models that distinguish out among high-speed models since they are both registered with the RTO. These electric scooters include fast-charging lithium batteries that provide 2-3 kWh of electricity and have a peak speed of 65 km/h. They are offered for Rs 82,000 and Rs 99,000, respectively, off-showroom prices.</p>
<p>Alpha, Smiley, Dynamo Infinity, and Vx1<br />
Alpha, Smiley, Infinity, and VX1 are examples of low-speed versions that provide an excellent range of up to 200 kilometers on a single charge. They are powered by a 2-3 kWh lithium-ion battery and need three to four hours to fully charge. These e-scooters have 10 to 12-inch tires on them for ease of handling. They are being provided for Rs 55,000 ex-showroom.</p>
<p>Features of Dynamo e-Scooters<br />
Due to the rising need for eco-friendly transportation solutions, Dynamo Electric created these all-arounder e-scooters to be both reasonably priced and aesthetically beautiful. With a variety of features like Bluetooth speakers, anti-theft alarms, USB charging ports, central locking systems, fire-resistant batteries, interchangeable battery options, an intelligent Battery Management System (BMS), GPS functionality, and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, Dynamo’s new line of e-scooters is the latest in the industry.</p>
<p>Dynamo Electric Pvt Ltd, a producer of electric two-wheelers with more than 175 dealers nationally, was founded in 2021. By providing cutting-edge electric automobiles and creating a vast dealer, service, and charging network for an environmentally responsible future, they want to transform India’s automotive sector.</p>

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